BAUME STUDIO was founded to create uncompromisingly sustainable yet high-quality seasonless clothes.
We believe that clothes should feel like a balm, that fit us and soothe us.

Our collections are thoughtfully designed between Oporto, Portugal and London, UK. Our purpose is to create timeless pieces that are made to last for generations, so we are relentlessly in search of the classic signature fit.

With the help of our production partners, we research our materials thoroughly to find the finest quality fabrics complete with environmental and social certifications. In collaboration with our production manager, we explore each process to understand it seamlessly.
We intend to only work with local businesses to support our community.

We believe in transparency above all. That’s why we understand that only by sharing our production processes we will be able to hold ourselves accountable and improve.

BaumeStudio started as a concept that would work as an extension of the refined taste for architecture of interior designer Ariana Lino and the edginess of the digital aesthetics of graphic designer Miguel Ribeiro

At Baume Studio, the minimalistic structure of buildings created by architects like John Pawson and Aires Mateus meet a taste for words, fonts, and digital formats.

In 2021, the Porto-based duo decided to launch Baume Studio

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